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Man with ferrets, living together in harmony.


"When we compare imagination and the will we discover that the goal of imagination is the imitation of nature and that the goal of the will is movement."


Symbiosis is quite obvious when considering food...

For example the bacteria residing in animal gut receive warmth and nutrition,

In exchange the host animal recieves digestion of its food it couldn't do itself.

Mutual gain is a concept exemplified in biology,

Yet implications can be seen in the complex realm of psycho-social interaction.

Every stable relationship between two creatures involves mutual gratification.

Where enteric bacterial cells provide food for the body,

We provide our friends with food for thought,

Or more precisely emotional satisfaction -

The food of the mind.


A malnourished body will que it's attached mind to forage and feed,

Hunger resides in the mind, the body merely triggers it.

In creatures such as humans, with their comparatively over-developed brains,

It is no suprise that the mind can find hungers of its own, detached from any physical need.

By lengthening the mind's leash from the body a cognitive door was opened.

Alas brains are made of flesh and so the leash, however loose, will always bind us.

Unable to escape, it is best to enjoy this unique relationship,

For it is also a symbiosis,

Between the visceral flesh, and the executive center encapsulated within it.





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